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Huntsville Lawn Care Reviews and Testimonials

What Soft-N-Green Customers Are Saying

“I’ve known Brian for 20+ years.  He’s honest, hardworking and I know my lawn is in great hands.  He is prompt, professional and attentive.  I’ve also called him several times to ask about various yard projects and what he might recommend as far as landscaping needs in connection with our grass.  He is knowledgeable and can refer colleagues who do other services.  


My neighbors use Brian now too – I’m glad to see the ‘Soft N Green’ sign on many lawns around town – he knows what he’s doing, he’s affordable and people trust him.”


Claire A.

Huntsville, AL

Soft-n-Green has really helped establish a healthy lawn at my home. After having several trees cut down, we were trying to get St. Augustine to spread across all of the bare spots in our yard. We hired Brian to help us do this as quickly as possible by fertilizing and treating the lawn. We did not want to sod and in just no time at all our yard is green, all over! 

Stacy Varmette


Stacey V.

Huntsville, AL

We have been a client of Soft-n-Green for over 2 years and we couldn't be happier!  Brian and his staff are extremely knowledgable and professional. Unlike most lawn companies, Soft-n-Green doesn't have to put a sign in our yard advertising his service, the pride and care they have put into my lawn is enough advertising.  I have had several neighbors change or at least inquire as to who I use to service my yard because of the way my yard looks. I always do and always will HIGHLY RECOMMEND Soft'n'Green. Thank you for the Great Service You Provide!

Kathy S.

Huntsville, AL

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