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Owner, Brian Richey of Soft-N-Green in Huntsville, AL

Soft-N-Green Lawn Care in Huntsville, AL

The Soft-N-Green Mission

Soft-N-Green is a Huntsville, AL lawn care company founded in 2003 with a simple goal: making your lawn look its best through unmatched personal service. It is our goal to be the first (or last) lawn care company you ever hire. We are reliable, knowledgeable, and trustworthy when it comes to treating your lawn with care. We are members of the Alabama Turfgrass Association and our technicians are all state-licensed, meaning you get knowledgeable technicians trained to accurately and effectively service your lawn every time we visit your home.

Why Choose Soft-N-Green of Huntsville?

We're committed to providing top quality service to every customer for every program we offer.  Your lawn will be nurtured by professional applicators using professional products and equipment. Since Soft-N-Green uses dry granular fertilizers, we can tailor each program to your lawn's specific needs. You can choose from a variety of Lawn Care Programs. With each program we make sure your lawn gets just what it needs at an affordable price. Soft-N-Green guarantees it.

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lawn care company in Huntsville, Alabama

Take a look at our Huntsville lawn care services, and contact us for an estimate. Give Soft-N-Green a chance and we guarantee that you'll agree with our slogan..."We build great lawns from the ground up!"

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